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Ultra Glaco

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Say Goodbye to Streaky Windshields: Introducing Soft99 Ultra Glaco

Tired of constantly battling rain and road spray on your windshield? Soft99 Ultra Glaco is the ultimate solution for a clearer, safer driving experience.

This innovative, flagship product from Soft99 utilizes cutting-edge Fusso technology to create a super durable, water-repellent coating. Here's what makes Ultra Glaco stand out:

  • Lasts Up to 1 Year: Ultra Glaco's advanced formula provides exceptional water repellency for a remarkable 12 months. Rain will bead up and roll right off, improving visibility and reducing wiper use.
  • Durable & Long-lasting: Fusso technology makes Ultra Glaco 6 times more durable than conventional coatings. It's resistant to wipers, dust, car washes, and even harsh detergents.
  • Enhanced Safety: Improved visibility during rain translates to a safer driving experience. Less wiper use also reduces streaking and fatigue on long journeys.
  • Easy Application: With a simple application process, you can achieve a professional-grade finish at home.

Soft99 Ultra Glaco is perfect for anyone who wants:

  • Crystal-clear vision during rainy weather
  • Reduced wiper blade wear and tear
  • A cleaner, more attractive windshield
  • Long-lasting protection for their car's glass

Invest in a clearer, safer drive. Get Soft99 Ultra Glaco today!

How to use the product

 Note: Apply only to clean, dry glass.

1. Remove the cap, press the felt applicator onto the glass and gently squeeze the bottle to let out some liquid.
2. Use the felt applicator to rub the liquid firmly into the glass. Be sure to get complete coverage.
3. After drying for 5-10 minutes, wipe off the residue with a damp, wrung-out towel. Keep dry for 12 hours for maximum effect and durability.

Delivery Time: 3-5 Days

Part Number-10310/04146

Net Volume - 70ml

Manufactured by: Soft99

Packed & marketed by- Elpis Automotives Private Limited,

56 Okhla Industrial Estate phase 3 New Delhi - 110020