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Car Headlights Cleaner

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Restore Clarity and Shine: Car Headlight Cleaner Kit


Dim, foggy headlights are not only an eyesore, but they can also be a safety hazard. Reclaim clear vision and improve nighttime driving safety with our Car Headlight Cleaner Kit!

Inspired by top-rated cleaning solutions, this kit provides everything you need for a professional-grade headlight restoration at home:

  • Heavy-Duty Cleaning Power: Our specially formulated cleaning compound removes oxidation, scratches, and hazing that cloud your headlight lenses, restoring their brilliance.
  • Long-Lasting Protection: Certain formulas include a UV protectant that helps shield your headlights from future damage caused by sunlight, keeping them clear for extended periods.
  • Easy to Use: The kit comes with clear instructions and all the necessary tools, including polishing pads and cloths, for a simple and effective cleaning process.
  • Safe for Headlight Lenses: Our non-abrasive formula is gentle yet powerful, ensuring a safe restoration without harming the headlight plastic.
  • Visible Results: See the difference in minutes! Our cleaner effectively removes years of built-up grime, revealing brighter, clearer headlights for improved nighttime visibility.

The Car Headlight Cleaner Kit is ideal for:

  • Drivers who want to restore headlight clarity and improve nighttime safety.
  • Car owners looking to enhance the overall appearance of their vehicle.
  • Anyone seeking a cost-effective alternative to professional headlight restoration services.

Don't settle for dull, ineffective headlights. Order your Car Headlight Cleaner Kit today and experience the difference of crystal-clear vision on the road!

Note: For heavily damaged headlights, additional sanding or buffing steps might be required.


Part Number - C-137

Manufactured by: Carmate Japan

Packed & marketed by- Elpis Automotives Private Limited,

56 Okhla Industrial Estate phase 3 New Delhi - 110020

    Car Headlights Cleaner
    Car Headlights Cleaner Sale price₹ 643.00 Regular price₹ 1,349.00