Car Dustbin with Carbon Fiber Finish & Blue LED

Offer Price ₹ 1,344
MRP     ₹ 3,239
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Drive in Style and Convenience: The CARMATE Car Ashtray with

Carbon Fiber Finish & built in Blue LED

Looking for a way to keep your car clean and add a touch of luxury? Look no further than the Carbon Fiber Car Ashtray with Blue LED! This ashtray combines functionality with sleek design, making it the perfect accessory for any discerning driver.

Sleek and Stylish:

  • Carbon Fiber Finish: The exterior boasts a sophisticated carbon fiber finish that complements any car interior.
  • Blue LED Illumination: A built-in blue LED light illuminates the ashtray, making it easy to use even in low-light conditions. It adds a cool ambience to your car's interior.

Functional and Convenient:

  • Dedicated Cigarette Butts Slot: A designated compartment keeps cigarette butts contained and prevents ashes from scattering.
  • Self-Powered with Solar Panel: No need to worry about buying or replacing batteries! The integrated solar panel charges the LED light using sunlight, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
  • Easy to Clean: The ashtray features a removable inner liner for effortless cleaning and disposal of ashes.

The Carbon Fiber Car Ashtray with Blue LED is ideal for:

  • Smokers who want a stylish and convenient way to dispose of cigarette butts.
  • Drivers who appreciate a clean and organized car interior.
  • Anyone who wants to add a touch of luxury to their car's aesthetics.

Elevate your car's interior with the Carbon Fiber Car Ashtray with Blue LED. Enjoy a clean, convenient, and stylish ride!

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