Blang Air Stick Platinum Shower

Offer Price ₹ 486
MRP     ₹ 989
Inclusive of all taxes

Blang Air Stick Platinum Shower: Unleash a Refreshing Waterfall of Scent in Your Car

Experience a touch of luxury and long-lasting freshness with the Blang Air Stick Platinum Shower. This sleek and stylish car perfume is designed to elevate your driving experience.

Sophisticated Design:

  • The Blang Air Stick Platinum Shower features a slim, metallic body that seamlessly integrates with your car's interior.
  • The high-quality chrome plating adds a touch of elegance, complementing both modern and classic car styles.

Effortless Fragrance Control:

  • Unlike ordinary car air fresheners, the Blang Air Stick boasts a unique rotary knob at one end. This innovative feature allows you to easily adjust the fragrance intensity to your preference.
  • Want a subtle hint of scent? Simply turn the knob down. Craving a more robust aroma? Give it a twist!

Effective Air Freshening:

  • The Blang Air Stick Platinum Shower is infused with the invigorating Platinum Shower fragrance (scent description not available, but likely clean and refreshing based on the name).
  • This delightful scent effectively eliminates unwanted odors, leaving your car smelling fresh and inviting for extended journeys.

Simple and Secure Installation:

  • Equipped with soft clips, the Blang Air Stick Platinum Shower attaches effortlessly to your car's air conditioning vents without causing any damage.
  • The secure design ensures the stick remains firmly in place, even during bumpy rides.

The Blang Air Stick Platinum Shower is the perfect car accessory for those who desire a luxurious look, customizable fragrance control, and long-lasting freshness.

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