Blang Air Crystal Platinum Sabon

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MRP     ₹ 1,789
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Blang Air Crystal Platinum Sabon: Luxury Car Air Freshener with Dazzling Crystals

Elevate your car's interior and fragrance with the Blang Air Crystal Platinum Sabon, a luxurious air freshener that combines sparkling crystals with long-lasting scent.

Dazzling Design:

  • This air freshener features a large, glittering crystal embedded in a sleek, black chrome-plated cover. The crystal uses a chaton cut, renowned for its brilliant sparkle from every angle.
  • The cover boasts a fine knurled design, reminiscent of a luxury car's dial-type switch, adding a touch of sophistication.

Effortless Functionality:

  • Soft clips ensure easy attachment to your car's air conditioning vents without causing any damage.
  • The separate structure allows for simple refilling when the fragrance wanes.

Aromatic Experience:

  • Enjoy a delightful Platinum Sabon scent (scent description not available, but likely clean and sophisticated based on the name) that fills your car with a refreshing and pleasant aroma.

The Blang Air Crystal Platinum Sabon is the perfect car accessory for those who appreciate both luxury and fresh fragrance.

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