Glaco Mirror Coat Zero

Offer Price ₹ 662
MRP     ₹ 1,299
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Glaco Mirror Coat Zero

  • This novel coating leaves the side mirror coated with a layer of microscopic silica crystals, to give it an ultra-hydrophobic surface that simply cannot be wetted. Water literally bounces off!
  • Ultra-hydrophobic coating for mirrors and on-board cameras that will shock you with the sheer power of its water repellency!

Make use of the box!

  • Bend the product cardboard box into a semi-circular shape and place it in the gap between the mirror and its cover.

  • This way, you can easily apply the product only to the surface of the mirror, without the risk of spraying other parts of the car!

Ultra-hydrofobicity is here!

  • Perfectly clean and dirt-free mirrors and reversing cameras mean greater safety during everyday urban driving.

How to use the product:

  • Spray evenly onto the mirror from around 15 cm away. Work spraying continuously side-to-side, from top-to-bottom, in order to wet the whole mirror. Do not apply more than necessary.
  • Allow to dry completely before use (1 hour in summer, 2 hours in winter).
Note : 
  • DO NOT TOUCH or wipe the coated mirror, as it will destroy the coating.
  • Apply only to a thoroughly cleaned and dried mirror.

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