Blang Glamorous W Berry Deodorizing Car Air Freshener,

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A refined and beautiful car fragrance.

  • This product, using our distinctive perfume jelly, is a jelly-type air freshener that symbolizes the origins of Blang.
  • Pursuing refined beauty, we meticulously designed the styling down to the details.
  • To create a luxurious perfume-like image, we use a glass bottle, a pink-plated cap, and perfume jelly that gives a liquid-like appearance.
  • The color of the perfume jelly is dark pink studded with glitters, creating a sense of glamor and quality.
  • Just placing it in the car creates a glamorous atmosphere, enveloping the interior with a perfume-like scent.
  • Perfume jelly with a pleasant, jiggly feel.
  • The fragrance uses a jelly-type substance with a jiggly texture.
  • It replicates the clarity and deep coloring of a liquid, and it diminishes evenly after use, giving the impression of a liquid air freshener.
  • Its jiggly texture has a pleasant firmness, making it difficult to spill even when tilted, and can be used safely even on slanted dashboards.
  • The fragrance is gentle and lasts longer than liquid air fresheners.

Deodorizing formula:

It's formulated with a deodorant for a fresher and cleaner scent experience.

You can enjoy the scent while deodorizing unpleasant odors.

Volume: 60 ml

Wild Berry scent
With sweet, rich wild berries at the core, overlaid with the freshness of raspberries and watermelons, the scent is adorned with sweet powdery notes, creating a lush and exquisitely sweet fragrance.
Top notes: Wild berry, raspberry
Middle notes: Cinnamon, watermelon
Base notes: Vanilla, benzoin, musk

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