Blang Gel Deodorizing White Musk Scent

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FR911 Blang Gel Deodorizing White Musk Scent

  • Pursuing refined beauty, we meticulously designed this car fragrance’s styling down to the details.

  • The fragrance uses a jelly-like substance with a jiggly texture, making it difficult to spill even when tilted, and can be used safely even on slanted dashboards.

  • Deodorizing formula: It's formulated with a deodorant for a fresher and cleaner scent experience.

  • 2.0 fl oz (60 ml) capacity: The fragrance is gentle and lasts longer than liquid air fresheners.

  • White Musk scent: With a sophisticated white floral base and a delightful fruit accent, the fine musk will gently fill your car’s interior. It’s a pleasant, perfume-like scent that everyone will love.

  • Sleek and Beautiful design.

  • Comfortable perfume jelly with a plump feel.

  • Sized to fit perfectly in your drink holder.

  • Formulated with a deodorizer for a clean enjoyment of fragrance. You can enjoy the scent while deodorizing unpleasant odors.

  • Net Volume: 60ml(Approx)

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