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Car Dustbin

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Keep Your Car Clean and Odor-Free: The Multifunctional Cylindrical Car Dustbin


Tired of ashes and crumbs littering your car? Introducing the Cylindrical Car Dustbin, the ultimate solution for a clean and organized ride! This innovative trash can fits snugly into your car's cup holder, offering a convenient and space-saving way to dispose of waste.

More than just a trash can, here's what makes the Car Dustbin a must-have:

  • Cup Holder Friendly: Designed to fit most standard cup holders, this dustbin maximizes space without compromising legroom.
  • Dual Purpose Design: Featuring a designated cigarette butt port with a fire-resistant lining, it safely extinguishes butts and keeps ashes contained.
  • Leakproof and Odor-Controlling: The secure lid prevents spills and leaks, while the inner lining neutralizes unpleasant odors, keeping your car fresh.
  • Easy to Clean: The removable inner liner allows for quick and effortless disposal of trash.
  • Sleek and Stylish: Available in a variety of colors to complement your car's interior.

The Car Dustbin is perfect for:

  • Smokers who want a safe and convenient way to dispose of cigarette butts.
  • Drivers who like to keep their car clean and organized.
  • Anyone who wants to eliminate unpleasant odors and maintain a fresh car environment.

Upgrade your car's interior with the Cylindrical Car Dustbin and experience a cleaner, more enjoyable ride!


Part Number - FIZZ-899

Manufactured by: Napolex

Packed & marketed by- Elpis Automotives Private Limited,

56 Okhla Industrial Estate phase 3 New Delhi - 110020