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Blang Solid 3P Cool Green - Pack of 3Pcs

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A great value set of 3 popular solid gels.

  • A great value 3-piece set of popular solid gels due to their good fragrance and ease of installation.

  • It is recommended for a variety of people, such as placing multiple pieces for a strong scent, or using one at a time for a gentle scent.

  • Solid gel type that does not spill and has a good fragrance.

  • The solid gel type does not have to worry about spilling, so it can be used with confidence even on sloped dashboards.

  • There is no need to worry about accidentally knocking it over and spilling it.

  • The main ingredients other than fragrance are pure water, so you can enjoy a gentle fragrance without any mixture.

  • Contains deodorant to enjoy the clean scent.

  • You can enjoy the scent while eliminating unpleasant odors.

  • Double-sided tape with a round cushion with a low center of gravity that is easy to install., and can be firmly fixed to the dashboard.

  • The diameter of the product is 68mm and can be placed in any car drink holder.

Double-sided tape for fixing

  • The double-sided tape does not leave any adhesive residue when removed, and comes with a cushion that allows it to be firmly fixed to dashboards, etc.

  • *Dashboards with soft skin that dent slightly when pressed with your fingers may be damaged when removing the adhesive tape.

Contents: 60g x 3 pieces

The fragrance lasts for about 30 days per piece. *Duration varies depending on usage environment.


Part Number - FE-561

Manufactured by: Carmate Japan

Packed & marketed by- Elpis Automotives Private Limited,

56 Okhla Industrial Estate phase 3 New Delhi - 110020

Blang Solid 3P Cool Green - Pack of 3Pcs
Blang Solid 3P Cool Green - Pack of 3Pcs Sale price₹ 879.00 Regular price₹ 1,949.00